Durable Faux Wood Blinds in Pasadena

Pasadena Faux Wood Blinds InstallationFaux Wood Blinds are hands down one of the most popular blinds on the market today. Their consistent high rating makes them a favorite among home and business owners alike. They are very affordable and highly attractive, and they fit all room styles. They are durable, easy to use, and simple to install. The professionals at Pasadena Shades & Shutters can install your new faux wood blinds in no time at all. You’ll see instant results long after the job is done!

Faux Wood Slats

Faux slats are available in both curved and flat for added versatility. They are typically offered in 2” and 2 ½” slats that are normally constructed of PVC or other durable composite blend. This gives them long-lasting and low maintenance features that may not be present in other types of blinds.

Get Your Slats Curved or Flat

One of the great features of faux wood blinds is that they come in two main designs:

  • Curved slats make it simpler to filter sunlight in or out of the room. The curved feature is simple to use and looks great.
  • Flat slats are more identifiable with standard wooden blinds and function just like curved slats. For most home or business owners, the difference between the two may be as much about look and style as much as light filtering.

Weightier Material

Faux is much heavier than real wood by at least 60%-100%. This means that faux takes more effort to elevate. They do, however, deliver the same degree of light control that all blinds offer. This also makes them very durable. Contact our Pasadena shutter company for easy operating tips!

Know the Faux Difference

There are Generally Two Types of Faux Wood Blinds:

  • PVC – Their durable construction makes them heavier than real wood blinds. PVC faux does not warp like real wood does. They do though require the same amount of care and maintenance that are required for all blinds.
  • Composite – With the combination of PVC and wood pulp, composite blinds are some of the most durable materials on the market. They resist humidity and are heavier than hardwood alternatives.

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